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Locking & Simultaneous Access on Cloud OLC

Locking & Simultaneous Access on Cloud OLC

We have an environment where 90% of users are using the OLC and 10% are using the web interface from a remote office. Currently there is no way to protect against users on different platforms editing the same document. I assumed the "lock" function would solve the problem but when a file is locked on the web interface, it does not notify users on the OLC who try to open the file. Instead, if an OLC user edits the "locked" file and saves, their file is "skipped" and not synced.  I spoke to Raees on the phone and he suggested a couple solutions:

  1. Web-interface users could set "read-only" permissions for entire folders, thus OLC users would be denied access to certain folders where a web-interface user is editing files. This would hypothetically work but this would involve individual users editing access rights for every other user- lots of room for error, plus administrators cannot be given "read-only" access. 

  2. If multiple users edit the same document on separate platforms (without locking) and save their different versions he suggested that multiple versions will be created, thus no data will be lost and users could sort out the differences and consolidate the file later. However, the problem with this system is that the multiple versions only show up in the web interface, not on the OLC. On the web interface when multiple versions are present there is a handy + sign indicating that multiple versions are present and you can expand it to see who created each version. But on the OLC, there is no notification of the separate version. 

My suggestion is an integrated "check-in, check-out" file system (or improvement on the current "lock" system) which works on both the web-interface and the OLC. When a user locks a file on the web-interface, users on both the web-interface and the OLC would be notified that this file is "locked by ___ user" before they edit this file. handles this very well and I'm surprised that Egynte's locking system is so limited. Or if there is another workaround where web users and OLC users can be certain they aren't editing the same file I'd love to hear it? 



Retired Employee Trey Howard1
Retired Employee

Hello Taryn,

I do not have any updates to provide on global file locking, unfortunately. Work is underway on our unified client. I do not have a release date, but will update here when I do.

Thanks for your question.

  • Trey

I would like to stress that we really need to be able lock a file for editing.  We have several power users that access the same files from remote locations.  They need to be prompted when the file is open or being edited by someone else.  Furthermore,  to suggest that  the all versions are saved is definitely not option. That means that someone would need to monitor the web interface constantly and then try and guess which information is new and then begin  to merge from the 2 versions in order to get a complete version of the document.  Please move this to the top of your priority list! 




Retired Employee Shyam Srinivasa
Retired Employee

Hi Michelle,

Thanks for your feedback. We don't have any updates on a global locking mechanism, but there are already some things you can do if this is important to you.

Currently, we support locking on our cloud-based access points. So if your users are accessing files via WebDAV or WebEdit, those files should automatically lock in the cloud upon being opened. That way, if anyone else tries to access those files via the Web Interface, WebDAV or WebEdit, they will see that the file is locked for editing. Note that users will not see that a file is locked when working from our sync clients.

  • Shyam

Hello Egnyte team,

Is global file locking through Storage Sync server (and desktop sync ideally, but not as critical) still on the roadmap? I know there has been a lot of development, and I've read the forums and it seems that this feature may have gotten abandoned.

We have people in the field using Drive, or "Connect" or whatever you are calling it today, and people in the office mapping to a Storage Sync Server, and file locking is not respected between the users. 

Please let me know if this is still planned, or if perhaps Storage Sync will eventually be abandoned. 

Thanks, David


Retired Employee Sagar
Retired Employee

Hi David,

I will check with the Product Team and write back once I have more information on this. 



Hi David,

Turbo, the next generation Storage Sync, provides global file locking. Turbo is currently in LA and you can find information on the Turbo User Guide:



Product Manager

Community Manager GregNeustaetter
Community Manager
Status changed to: Accepted

 Changing status to Accepted since the next generation Storage Sync, "Turbo", has this global file locking support.

Moderator Hari_Krishnan
Status changed to: Delivered

Happy to inform that Turbo is GA. Please check out this helpdesk article for more details.

Susan Im

I like Alex's suggestion to show the user who locks the file that I want to access. If there is any way to inform the person that somebody else wants to work with the file, that'd be helpful.