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Locking down Folder Details & Options in Egnyte

Locking down Folder Details & Options in Egnyte

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My company wants the ability to only have the Administrators of Egnyte decide whether the folder in Egnyte has the ability to be shared outside of our company. Currently, if you have "Owner" access to a folder in Egnyte, you have the ability to edit the "Options" tab when you select the More > Folder Details & Options menu from a folder level. 

We want to have the owners of our folders set permissions to the folder (as it is currently set up) but do  NOT want the Owners to be able to edit the Options tab to change if the folder can be assessable to the public or not. 

Is this something you could coniser locking down in your tool so we can have more granular controls around this feature in Egnyte? 

Thank you in advance for your consdieration of this. 

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Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Considering

Thanks for the feedback, @Andrea Forbes  - we'll consider this

Hi Egnyte, 

I posted this response to you in the early stages of using Egnyte. Now that we have been using Egnyte more and have our entire company using it, I have changed my mind on my request. We have our company structured so we only have ONE Owner assigned to each folder, and we DO want to have that one employee have the ability to update the folder to be accessable to the public or not. I would like to retract my request to make this a new feature within Egnyte if possible, as I like the way Egnyte is set up. 

Thanks and sorry for any confusion with this. 

Retired Employee
Retired Employee
Status changed to: Declined

Thanks for the update, @Andrea Forbes! We will retire this suggestion as requested.