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Mac Finder Color Tags

Mac Finder Color Tags

Our team is hoping to have Finder's color tags supported such that our Mac clients (99% of clients) can set a color tag on files on their desktop sync and ideally local connection as well and have those color tags sync to other Mac clients on desktop sync and local servers.

I've found a few discussions on the subject and one idea but the idea was marked as solved. I just re-checked and see that the feature is not currently functional so I wanted to bring it back up. Here is one of the priors ( which says it is solved while it clearly is not solved or supported.

Tags (2)

For some time, OS X allows users to "tag" their files. I found out that if I upload documents that I've tagged to Egnyte (and delete off my local computer), the documents lose their tagging. Is there a way Egnyte can incorporate support for this tagging in the file, or at least keeping the tagging attributes? This would REALLY help. Since discovering this last week, I've realized that I have lost a lot of tagging.

Users are starting to go away from historical hierarchical storage (e.g., folders within folders) and are now adopting alternatives such as tagging to organize files. I think recognizing this will help keep Egnyte competitive in the marketplace -- eventually supporting searches around the tagging.


Retired Employee
Retired Employee

Hi David,

Thanks for the feedback. To clarify, it sounds like what you're looking for is the ability to retain existing tags that you add to a file before that file is loaded into Egnyte (rather than being able to add tags to files once they are in Egnyte). Is that right?

I don't think this is on our short-term roadmap, but I'll share this with our product team and add you as a +1 for this.


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Retired Employee
Status changed to: New

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, @Matthew Lambert1. You are correct that it has not been solved. That previous post was from our very old forum that did not have a specific Ideas section and it must have been missed in our migration. I've merged it with your idea and will bring it up with our products team to see if this is something they're looking at implementing. Others can also now kudo this Idea to show their support for it. 

Thanks again for the feedback, suggestion, and support! 

Yes, please do.  The ability to simply retain the tags is important.  Not looking to necessarily add tags within Egnyte.  


Thank you for the consideration!




This is a super frustrating miss with Egnyte. We have lost all of our tags in our move to Egnyte Connect and our team is suffering from the lack of ease of identifying groups. Is there any way to identify or tag folders and/or files for simplified searching?

Is this something Egnyte will consider adding?

Status changed to: Considering

Hi @Matthew Lambert1  @Heidi Nyline1  @David Welliver:

Files and folders in MacOS can have extra metadata components (extended attributes), which Finder tags are stored as. At the moment, the Desktop App support Finder tags only for the user that created them. To sync those tags across different Mac devices is not a simple task as it requires significant chanages to how we store and process filesystem across Windows and MacOS. 

We recognize the importance of your request and this is something we will definitely consider.



This is a huge need for me too, but for different reasons. My company has a huge file database within Egnyte that can sometimes be difficult to navigate. I am one of the few Mac users (I need it for developing and compiling of Mac programs), and have found this feature to be lacking. First off, any aliases I create no longer are functional after ~15 minutes of existence. Second, I can't tag folders to make them easier for me to access. The tags don't need to be visible to others, I just need to be able to create them to reduce the amount of time I spend clicking through folders.

This is an issue that is significantly interfering with my workflow as well.  It seems like something Egnyte would have ID'd early on given that 99% of your clients operate in a Mac environment.  I understand that DB and Box both support this feature.  There seems to be a glarring negative for Egnyte Connect.  

Status changed to: Accepted

@kennyjeffris: Sometimes local taging will not work because the folders are just listed from the cloud and not downloaded to Egnyte cache yet. We did this so that no files / folders are cached unless it is needed. What you can do is to go into this folder and open any file, only then the directory in cache will be created and you will be able to tag such folder. In the future, we will handle this situation with the support for syncing Finder tags across multiple devices.

@JTHC: While the vast majority of our users are on Windows, we always look to improve everyone's experiences regardless of the platforms/workflow they use. I will move this idea to "Accepted".

@All: Please "kudo" this idea if you think it would be helpful to you. It will help us tremendously with roadmap prioritzation. 


I agree with the above. I think it would be great to retain this info in both Mac and PC environments.