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Management Features for Desktop Sync

Management Features for Desktop Sync

We want more control who are able to desktop sync. Please give us the ability:

  1. Block/Disable Desktop sync as a policy but with the ability to allow individual computers to do desktop sync
  2. Notification emails to admins on who has initiated desktop sync (so they can act on allowing desktop sync etc)
  3. Allow a whitelist IP range list so any desktop sync is automatically allowed.

This will help us in enforcing our DLP policies.

Retired Employee
Retired Employee

Hi Martin,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. The pointwise separation of your points makes it easier to understand and answer. 

1. I believe you are looking for granular permissions for Power Users for using Desktop Sync, wherein you can individually assign power users the rights to use the Desktop Sync. If I am right, then this feature request has already been noted by the Product Engineering team.

2. I was wondering, will the need for this notification email (to admins) still exist once the above feature is implemented?

3. I am unsure about how you would like this provision to feature. The IP for the sync server is a fixed one. If you are using your firewall to strictly monitor the connections via certain set of IP's, then I think the following link should be of more help: -

You should focus on the IP's for West Coast DC.




Agreed with this. We could use it too. 


Hi Sagar,

Thank you for your reply.

1. Do note that what I'm referring is not granular permission for power users, in fact it is per device based. For example, if the user has their own computer and is a power user, the company does not want to allow the company device to be enabled with desktop sync.

2. For your question about notification email, it depends on how the feature is implemented. But admins needs to know when a first time request has been made to desktop sync - the first thing that came to mind is email alerts.

3. Thanks, for your comment. I'm was just seeing if you would use whitelists to allow desktop sync. Firewalls only work within the company network perimeter. But this might conflict on how the overall sync works.





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Retired Employee
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1. You can use device entitlement to control deployments of Desktop App and Desktop Sync to ensure they are only used on devices joined to known domains.

2. We send emails to users when they first login to Desktop Sync / Desktop App and when they complete their first sync. We don't have any plans to duplicate these email notifications to admins. As an admin, you can see a full list of devices which have accessed your user accounts in the device dashboard.

3. There is no plan to add IP whitelisting into Desktop App / Desktop Sync. I have seen lots of customers whitelisted our domains (*, *, etc.) in their firewalls, DLPs.

There is a big issue enabling the device entitlement. I would pause at this point make sure the Egnyte engineers fix all bugs….

@DimaB: What issue are you seeing? Please contact support so we can assist you further.


@Tri Hoang: Belive me I did. :-) It did disabale my whole company so the users won't be able to use Connect or Sync for almost 12h. We end it up roll the changes back.... I hope they are investigating the issue...