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Marking comments in video at any point

Marking comments in video at any point

Originally from ticket #124999.

Would to have the ability to add to comment log by marking time code in videos, and having that add to the comment stream for files. Hyperlinked to the time code point for playback. Allows viewers to pinpoint particular activity.

Retired Employee
Retired Employee


Thanks for the feature suggestion; I see how this would be more useful than adding a note to the video file that says "need color editing @ 2:31"

Is there an application where you have seen this feature before?



This is a common feature on video sharing SaaS solutions like Wiredrive, Mediasilo and Wistia. I would also love to have this feature. We use Egnyte for client reviews of videos. It would be great if they can watch a video preview and make comments that would be tagged and noted at the specific timecode they hit enter.



the thread is a little bit old, but I agree, this would be a huge benefit for us at Red Bull and in general for the media industry. There are even more video sharing SaaS solutions out there, like or Media Silo, who have a enormous functionality spectrum.

But the goal should not be to compete against that specialized companies. Instead, in my opinion, you should provide a solid compromise.

  • Video preview, sharing functions w/wo password and comments based on an asset is already there

What I miss here is:

  • Option to add and delete a comment on a time code / frame basis
  • Option to prevent the download of the file (just viewing access)
  • Nice to: Option for collaborative comments on the time code basis (show, hide and differentiate comments of multiple users)
  • Nice to: Option to extend the max. file size for a file (>10-12GB) - but maybe this is just an internal limit
  • Nice to: generate and export a txt, csv, xml, edl from the time code based comment

I wonder if this is one here is already in the backlog, on the roadmap or not in focus.



Retired Employee
Retired Employee

Hi MIrko,


Thank you for writing to us. Let me share this feedback with our product team and get back to you. 




Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Considering

This is currently not planned for the short/mid-term roadmap, but if we see enough demand from the community we will consider something like this.