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Mass User Account Creation

Mass User Account Creation

I have 145 users accounts to create all at once. Is there a way to do import these names and create Standard (or Power) User accounts at the same time? I dread having to do this 145 times. I have the list of names in .csv or .xls format. Thanks!

Its not LDAP. We are using Google Apps unless there is some way to hook into that. But the list I sent is a edited list of who to add, not our whole organization.

Rob Vinson


I'd definitely second this. At the minimum you should be able to use a .csv

Google apps integration would be fantastic.

Also, when I do create users, I don't necessarily want to email them the details - I prefer to take them through this face to face, particularly as I have to get them to set a password for their account on the Readynas anyway...

Retired Employee
Retired Employee

Rob and Gareth,

At the moment, users can only be imported using LDAP or Active Directory. However, I will pass your suggestions to our products team and get back to you with an update. Thank you and please let me know if you have any further questions or suggestions!



I would like to add my voice to this request.  A .csv or .xlx/.xlsx format upload for username and contact email for account creation would be great.




Also, as it is currently setup, the steps to add users are backwards. A user name and password are generated. An invitation may or may not be sent at this time. Then the user needs to be edited to include name. (Also, the ability to adding contact beyond email address here would be helpful.) Then the folder permissions for that user can be set. Since it doesn't make sense to send an invitation to a user that doesn't yet have any folder permissions, I didn't send the email invitation when the user was created. After establishing folder permissions, I now have to return to the user settings, select the 'resend the invitation; button (and reinput the password) to send the email invitation. 

It's a long list of users. The sequence described above is a lot of small steps instead of one contiguous process. The normal day-to-day activities create interruptions in this setup. With a long list of users it is too easy to lost track of user input ... which user has folder permissions ... were they sent an invitation?

My request:

1) Ability to add user info (including contact info) and establish folder permissions in the same action.

2) Auto generate passwords that have to be changed when the user logs in. 

3) User reports (a. who has been sent an invitation; b. who has uploaded/downloaded files)



Community Manager
Community Manager
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