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Mass delete after searching for files

Mass delete after searching for files

We upload several files to different folders every day.  All of the files begin with the name "PA-".  We would like to delete them all at once every few days.  (old files are archieved).  After keying in "PA-" in the search field, all of them appear, but we have to click each one of them to delete.  It would be nice to have the option to "check all", then delete.  (See attachment)

Retired Employee Trey Howard1
Retired Employee

Hi Norman,

I apologize for the delayed response to this post. I certainly see how this could be helpful to you, and I will bring it up in our next product meeting. Thanks for  using Egnyte and taking the time to post on our forums,


John Boujaoude1

This  would be a GREAT improvement to EGNYTE as I need to delete old photos on a regular basis.  

I know you are in the business of selling storage space, but this may help Egnyte from constantly investing in storage space.



Retired Employee Shyam Srinivasa
Retired Employee

Hi John,

Thanks for the feedback. This isn't something we're currently planning, but we'll certainly consider it as we continue to enhance our product. I'll add you as a +1 for now and will post here when more information is available.

  • Shyam
John Boujaoude1

Any update on this request from TWO years ago?


I think that this feature now exists. Can you update this item to "Resolved"?

Retired Employee JulieMullins
Retired Employee
Status changed to: Delivered