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Mitigation of file loss

Mitigation of file loss

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Originally from ticket #120461.


My client JBKS Architects use your system and they are looking to dive into using it for their entire file system, however they have some reservations which they would like to mitigate in order to make the decision.

Basically they are worried that if everything is in the cloud with Egnyte then if there is a problem with your platform and it deletes some or all of their files then they are left recovering from HDD backup. Ideally what they want is an offsite copy of their file system. I was planning to us DFS but their server verision isn't new enough, FRS couldn't cope with the number of files and robocopy was conflicting with the archive flags which Egnyte uses as triggers for changed files.

My question to you is can an Egnyte node be configured to be write only? In other words the files from the main office server sync to your cloud servers, then they are written to the remote backup server but they can never be remoted from that server.

In summary we need some assurance that we can have a node which files can push onto but that if anything happened to the Egnyte platform that the files would stay in tact. Or in fact any solution whereby a copy of the files can be maintained which would be safe in the event of a major issue with Egnyte.



Retired Employee Trey Howard1
Retired Employee

Hi Stuart,

I'm checking with some of our best minds on this one. I will post back here shortly.

Thanks for your interest,


Retired Employee Trey Howard1
Retired Employee


I'm informed that we have put together something like this in the past. I'm not able to share details of a past professional services engagement on this forum, but if you like, you can email me at and we can discuss further.

Thanks for your interest,


Enrico Meier

You could backup the ELC to tape on a daily basis. Or do you need also all versions that maybe generated during the day? 

Employee Ed Tseng1
Status changed to: Considering

Thanks for your feedback and request Stuart.

It sounds like there are a couple of things that we may be able to consider.  You're correct in that if a file is deleted on the Storage Sync (ELC), it'll in turn be deleted in the Egnyte cloud - due to the sync process.

If something does indeed happen to the files in question, the retention policy in the trash folder could help alleviate some of the concerns with deletes.  You could potentially recover data from trash.  

The second point sounds like in light of the trash recovery process, you might also be looking for a way to backup the Storage Sync (ELC).  While we don't currently have any officially qualified backup applications to recommend, we know that our existing customers have been able to backup the Storage Sync share via a number of backup application.