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Mobile photos and videos automatic upload

Mobile photos and videos automatic upload

Automatic Upload feature, through which all of your mobile photos and videos are automatically backed up to Egnyte will help. Also, free up the device storage after pictures/videos will be fully uploaded to the Egnyte.

Retired Employee
Retired Employee
Status changed to: Considering

Hi Dima,

Thanks for your feature requests! We are actively working on Automatic Upload and will provide more details as we make progress.

To automatically free up the space your Egnyte app uses, you can go to the Settings view from within the Egnyte app and change the Delete local files setting, to something shorter. Any Egnyte file that you don't work with for X days will automatically be removed from your phone's cache.


Hope that helps!




This would be a great app, especially if it had an easy on/off switch.  The idea of being able to enable it at company functions so that anyone taking pictures has their photos uploaded to specific folder has a lot of value.


Adding a little bit of filters on upload will help a lot: for example upload based on file type; upload all files or just newly - created files that willl save ton of time; use Wi-Fi or cellural data; use .heif format vs .jpg...