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More installation options for Egnyte Connect app

More installation options for Egnyte Connect app

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In summary, I would like that the app installation does not require Local Admin access.


My deployment preference would be to install the app using logon script, but as none of my users have Local Admin access to their own computers this is not possible so I have to deploy this via GP instead which is far less flexible.


Also, app updates can be painful as I have to advise users to 'Skip this Update' until I upload the new installer for GP to use.







Status changed to: Accepted

When installing the Egnyte Connect Desktop App, we would need to install additional drivers which require local admin access from the install users. Our application heavily relies on these drivers to run basic use cases like displaying a drive in Windows Explorer to more advance ones like Selective Syncing. The local admin requirement is actually very common in desktop applications, especially among those that deal with filesystem.

Regarding the update experience, we do have a silent auto update feature planned for future releases. If turned on by admin, the desktop app can automatically pull update and install 'silently' on end-users' machine when appropriate. We hope that this feature will alleviate some of the challenges of maintaining the Egnyte Connect Desktop App after the initial deployment.


Silent auto update sounds good, thank you :-)


Hi Jake,

Just a quick update here that silent auto updates for Windows is going be released within the next 4 weeks. As Tri described, the initial install will require admin privileges, but the Desktop App can then keep itself updated without the user requiring admin privileges as long as you have upgrade notifications turned on (under the 'Applications' section in the configuration section of the web UI).

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Delivered

Silent auto update has been released in Desktop App 3.2 for Windows.  Marking this as delivered.