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More options for MFA

More options for MFA

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I would like to see more granular options for enforcing MFA.

Currently you offer -

No one
Standard Users only
Admin & Power Users only
All Users

Currently I enforce on 'Admin & Power Users only' but I have an upcoming use-case where I would like to enforce it to some (but not all) of my Standard Users as well, which is currently not possible.

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Status changed to: Considering

Hey Jake,

Thanks for submitting the idea. The reason to have only "all" at the moment is to encourage our customers to enable MFA for all users to increase the security. We have heard a few requests to enable MFA only for specific groups and that is definitely something that we could consider in the long term. 

You have mentioned that you might not want to enable MFA for several Standard Users. I wonder how the option to not require multi-step verification for logins from defined IPs will solve your problem? Also, would you be able to elaborate more on your use case and the reason why you need such a possibility?