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Multiple users, single email

Multiple users, single email

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Originally from ticket #101673.

I tried to create a generic user name that I want many people to be able to use. I will be giving the login to some people outside our organization so they can automate and FTP upload. These people will undoubtedly change jobs, quit, etc... So once they create the automated process, the login and pw will not change. The issue is they do not need to get emails at all. So I created a generic user and used my email and it does not allow you to do this. I obviously do not want to give them my user name and pw. So I guess the question is, why can't multiple users have the same email address?


Hi Steve,

Thanks for inquiring.  We've built Egnyte to operate as an enterprise tool allowing individual employee accounts with each employee having a unique email address/identity. Having separate emails also ensures no confusion from folder notifications and other notices sent out.

Best, Chris


I'm actually having the exact same problem. There are many situations where a user may need to be set up where I wouldn't want them to have an email associated with the account. I don't understand Egnyte's rationale to this. If you can setup a unique username, then why is a unique email address required?

Hi Steve Osterink,

For security reasons, Egnyte requires a unique username and unique email address for each user. If users were able to share an email account, security would be compromised for features such as permissions and password resets. We have no plans of changing the requirement of a unique username and email address in the future.

Cara de Freitas Bart