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Need a pause feature for new Desktop App

Need a pause feature for new Desktop App

The Desktop App needs a pause feature. This was addressed already on the old Desktop Syc. I just began using the new Desktop App and was surprised that there is no pause feature. This is a big issue because Egnyte potentially uses a significant amount of bandwidth. In low bandwidth situations, Egnyte can completely lock the system up. Relying on Egnyte, it is not possible to quit the app and continue working effectively.

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@Matthew Lambert1 - we will introduce the ability to pause / resume sync in the next version of the Desktop App.

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Community Manager
Status changed to: Delivered

This is now available in Desktop App 3.6 for Windows and will be coming soon for Mac


Hello @GregNeustaetter we wanted to use this pause (aka go offlne) but then all the folders are set offline.

I would love to have a "pause sync" only