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Nesting Groups

Nesting Groups

Hi, can you please add functionality to allow the nesting of groups.  This will improve the management of permissions immensely.


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When defining a new Group, allow existing groups to be included in the left panel, thereby creating hierarchical groups. This could create a better way to handle installations with hundreds of standard users and provide a mechanism for more easily identifying the correct users for access to any resource.

Originally from ticket #107107.

Would like to know how to nest groups together. Is there an option? If not, is it on the roadmap?

Retired Employee Trey Howard1
Retired Employee


This is not something that we currently offer. Can you confirm that the following scenario matches what you desire?

Users John, Jim, and Sally are members of the Sales Group. Sales Group has access to the North America and Europe sales folders. 

User Joan is added to a Sales Manager Group that is nested within Sales Group. As such, she automatically has access to North America and Europe sales folders, but also has access to a Salaries and Commissions folder that is restricted to the Sales Manager group.

Let me know if you had something else in mind.


Gary Jones1



I have just set up an enterprise account and was wondering if it would be possible to put security groups inside security groups in a similar fashion to what Active Directory allows.

Retired Employee Trey Howard1
Retired Employee

Hi Gary,

We don't currently support heirarchical AD groups (we map them into flat Egnyte groups), but I will add your comment as a "+1" for hierarchical groups.

Thank you for your business,


Maintenance is much harder when groups can only consist of users.
Groups should be made up of both users and other groups.

Retired Employee Shyam Srinivasa
Retired Employee

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately, this is not something that is currently on our short-term roadmap. However, I will share your feedback with our product team and add you as a +1 for this.


Retired Employee Sagar
Retired Employee

Hi Mike,

Can you send a brief note of your use case with the nesting of groups and how will this affect/impact your workflow? 

This will help the product team review this request from a usability point of view. 



Mike Tawn

Hi Sagar,

We currently design our sites with fixed file plans and a layer of permissions using groups.  The file plans tend to have two to three numbered layers, example below...

1. Project 1

      1.1 Project Planning

      1.2 Project Info

      1.3 Project Governance

2. Project 2

      2.1 Project Planning

      2.2 Project Info

      2.3 Project Governance

We have a number of consultants that require access to specific folders, so we setup groups for each consultant and apply permissions for that group to the relevant folders that they need access to.  This means, if a consultant brings a new team member on board then we put them in the relevant consultant group and they automatically have access to all the folders that they require.

What we would like to do, is have a more granular group structure that allows us to be more flexible with permissions without having to go to specific folders and change permissions.  Our internal file shares are setup with nested groups and this allows us to add a member of staff to deprrtment group and get permissions to all areas that they require.  For example, a member of the HR team would be put in the HR department group which is a member of the HR folders RW group, the RO groups of all other departments, RW on all Project groups etc.  By doing this we can provide an entire team additional access by changing one group permission or alternatively remove access by removing the department group.

I hope this makes sense?

Thanks and regards,


Retired Employee Sagar
Retired Employee

Thank you, Mike. I think I understood your use case. However, I am not sure as to how feasible it is with the current manner in which the user and groups permissions work. 

I will pass on our use case as a reference to this feature request.