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Older Permission Reports

Older Permission Reports

Need reports with longer start and end dates.  Often asked about permission changes that have been performed within the last year.  Currently can only get data back 90 days and separate 30 day reports need to be created.  Reporting needs to be much more robust in general and up to a year of history seems like a necessity.  Very limited on what I can provide security, legal, and leadership groups when they ask about detailed activity reports for their Egnyte data.  This is a huge driver to other solutions as robust reporting can be developed via PowerShell for OneDrive etc.  Please help!

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Accepted

We are planning on making two changes to the permissions and other audit reports:

  1. Increase the audit retention to a larger time period, for example, a year
  2. Allow for searching across the entire audit retention period instead of in 30 day increments

Fantastic news.  Can't wait for the changes to go live.