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Option to remove all Egnyte Connect drives via command line

Option to remove all Egnyte Connect drives via command line

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I would like the ability to be able to remove all drives mappings in Egnyte Connect en masse, preferably using egnytedrive.exe.


I realise I can use e.g

C:\Program Files (x86)\Egnyte Connect>EgnyteClient.exe -command remove -l "drive"

but sometimes the label will be unknown which makes this impossible, so the ability to bulk remove all drives in one command would be very useful, so in logon script I can remove all Egnyte Connect drives and add the correct drives.


I have worked out how to achi9eve this by modifying the registry but a more graceful method would be preferable :-)


Also, does egnytedrive.exe output an errorlevel value e.g. 1 for success, 2 for failure?





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I'm from the Product team at Egnyte.

The command-line tool does not currently provide an output for success or failure.

Your idea for having a generic 'remove all' action sounds like it could be valuable for refreshing an environment. I've added this to our backlog to be considered for an upcoming release.

If you want to be notified once this is available, please create a feature request ticket with Egnyte Support.


Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Considering