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Outlook Integration App

Outlook Integration App

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Originally from ticket #101379.

I work with A LOT of people outside of my organization and am very concerned about security. I insist on sharing files using one-time links which, while unsecure by definition, allows me to know whether or not the file was accessed by someone that wasn't supposed to have access (because I'll get a complaint from the person that is supposed to access the file when it is unavailable). Since I am typically sharing the files as part of an ongoing email conversation and don't really want to clutter people's inboxes with more messages than necessary, I am constantly logging into the Egnyte website, creating a shared, one-time link that is sent to myself, and then cutting and pasting the link into an email that is inteded for my recipient (and presumably continuing our ongoing email conversation). The link is nice because the recipient gets the file, it only requires one click for them, the file is transferred securely and never stored on a mail server, and I will have some insight into what files (if any) are ever downloaded by someone other than the intended recipient.

While Egnyte is a fantastic platform and provides me this capability, I am a little miffed that the Outlook Integration tool is only being offered to Enterprise customers. I suspect that there is a reason for it, but it isn't really clear why since the basic functionality is already present in the infrastructure.

**I am writing to ask if there is any way that a Power User of an *Office Plan* could be provided access to the Outlook Integration tool. I would be willing to pay for the option.**

If not, PLEASE consider changing this policy. The Outlook Integration tool APPEARS to be a huge time-saver for users like me (I installed it before realizing that I can't use it because of my plan). I can only speak for myself and my company, but I certainly wouldn't base my plan decisions (Enterprise vs Office) on application availability, it will be driven by storage needs. Consequently, I am having a difficult time understanding why I can't use this functionality.

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Hi James,

I forwarded your request to our Sales team so they can discuss with you further.  You can also contact them at 1.877.734.6983

Best, Chris