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Outlook integration and user creation

Outlook integration and user creation

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We would like the ability to email from Egnyte and have the system recongize whether the recipient is already an Egnyte user or not, and if they're not the system should create a standard user account for that person. Currently we only have the ability to permission links as either public (not HIPAA compliant), public with a password (cumbersome and not user friendly at all for recipients), or private-only account users. The last option is the most secure option because it allows for us to track not only that a file was accessed, but WHO accessed it - we can ensure that recipients are not sharing links/passwords with unauthorized parties. However, it is really cumbersome to create an account manually for every recipient (and account creation is not a permission I want all my users to have, since this also comes with other permissions they shouldn't have) before sharing files. I want Egnyte itself to recognize whether recipient is a user or not and if they're not, invite them to create a standard user account. 


FWIW, we've migrated from Citrix Sharefile to Engyte and are really pleased with how much better Egnyte has proven to be....except for the Outlook integration. With Sharefile, recipients who are not users are automatically sent an account invitation and temp password for a basic (standard user) account and then we can see when they access files/how often/etc. 


Sharefile's link sharing is prettier as well - see example. 


I'd love to share more about how their functionality works if you're interested in seeing it - it's pretty nifty. 

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Also we have had a new partner complete an Outlook Add In integration called Backflipt.