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Outlook plugin to save emails

Outlook plugin to save emails

We use Outlook to send tons of emails daily and quite often need to persist these emails, so we copy the contents into a file and sync it to Egnyte. I'd love an Outlook plugin that would let us right-click on an email and choose "Save in Egnyte".

Employee chapman
Status changed to: Considering

This would be so useful!


I can't believe someone actaully has to suggest this idea.  How is it possibly not already included?

Todd Algren

+1 Please. Don't make us use Zapier/GApps.

Employee chapman
Status changed to: Delivered

We have a plugin already for PC. If you are looking for a Mac Plugin you can look at 3rd party that has integrated named Backflipt.

David P

To employee above reporting "delivered" - can you please specify the plugin for PC?

Egnyte Office add-in does not support adding emails from Outlook to Egnyte - only attachments on an email.  To echo user above - please don't require using 3rd-party app to get emails into Egnyte - this adds a whole layer of security/compliance with emails going outside out secure connection to Egnyte platform.  

To be clear: ideal solution might look like a button in Outlook that says, "Add to Egnyte," that then offers three options:

1) Add JUST the email (but exclude any attachments)

2) Add JUST attachments from the email (but not the email itself) - ability to select/exclude attachment by attachment would be nice to have

3) Add the email & all attachments