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Permission Report

Permission Report

I've asked this directly to the Egnyte team before, but nothing has happened yet.  So hopefully this will work.

Please make the permission report easier to see permission for all users.  As of right now I have to click one by one just to get a full report.  Considering we have hundreds of groups and hundreds of user, you can see how annoying and tiring that is.

Another option is to make a folder permission report, let us create a report for a specific folder to see who has access through out the folder.

Example:  If there was a folder tree like so Folder1>Folder2>Folder3>Folder4 and someone gave a user (not group) permission to folder4, the only person who would know that would be the one did it and the user themselves.

If there was a folder permission report or a select all for user permission report than it would be much easier to see that a user has access to folder4.

I've been asking for this for almost a year now, please set this up.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Delivered

Marking this as delivered since the Folder Permissions Report is available and allows you to see all permissions in the account.


Can we get this moved up to a priority?

Retired Employee
Retired Employee

Hi @Jason Fain. I'm happy to report that this was delivered in 2018. Here is some info on the report: But let us know if you have any questions.