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Permissions level below Viewer (Previewer)

Permissions level below Viewer (Previewer)

So the "Viewer" permission allows users to Preview and Download. Would it be possible to create a "Preview" only permission. This way we could give a standard user the ability to look at the folder and even preview files online but not download them.


I know, this works fine with the document share links which is a good solution for "guests" and ad-hoc access , but we would very much like this feature in the folder-security for regular users.
Now, "viewer" is the lowest level, but those users can still download the documents and this is bad for some confidential documents.

Hi Bernard,

Thanks for the suggestion. This is not on our short-term road map, but I will pass this onto our product team and add you as a + 1 for this feature.


Raj Savai

it would be really helpful to have either a new class of View Only User (or View only permission level ) that prevents downloads and allows the user to only view the file online. Currently the only way to give a 'view only' access is via a link to a file

Hi Raj,

Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, this is not something we have planned within the next 6 months. However, I will add you as a +1 for this type of "preview only" permission role and will share your feedback with our product team.


Nilesh Vasani

Any update on this feature request?  It is making Egnyte a non-viable solution for us from a security standpoint as users could be downloading files from any random computer they could login from.

Retired Employee Sagar
Retired Employee

Hi Nilesh,

We understand your point. Unfortunately, as mentioned by Shyam earlier, this is not something that Egnyte plans to bring in the immediate UI releases.

You can stay tuned to the What's New section on our helpdesk to get the updates. 



Tim McGrath

Add a security role for documents and folders in a data room that has view only security. ( Only Allowed to view documents without the ability to download or save.) Currently you would have to send links for each document. It would be nice to be able to share a whole folder and restrict based on specific files.

Kay Pohndorf


as a technical editor I would like to store Quickguides, Instructions and Troubleshooters on Egnyte, but I would like to prevent these files (mainly Adobe PDF-files) from being downloaded,

printed or being stored on external devices. Whoever may have access to Egnyte may only view these files online. Is there a possebility to set such restrictions (password protected) on files or folders or will it be a possible feature in the future for Egnyte Administrators? In Adobe Acrobat it is possible to prevent the file from being edited and printed by password protection, but when the file is stored on Egnyte you have the chance to print the file right from the online access (and of cause you can download the file as well). I know that it's possible to set an automatic

delete-time for downloaded files, but that's not enough protection (from my point of view). Please let me know, if this could be a future task for your product or if you have another solution for preventing files being downloaded, printed or stored elswhere.

Best regards,


Stefan Belin

The viewer have both preview and can download. It should be optional if the viewer can download or not.


James Maraksa

We have several use cases for a View only permissions when it comes to folders.

The user would not be able to download the files and only view the folder in the egnyte browser or App.