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Prevent Data Loss when using WebEdit and Windows JumpLists

Prevent Data Loss when using WebEdit and Windows JumpLists

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Say a user opens a word document in Word for desktop via the WebUi and WebEdit.  They then modify the document, save it, close it and egnyte uploads the changes.  So far so good.  Then the user needs to make some more changes and this time, they open the document via the jumplist feature in the Windows taskbar.  They spend several hours editing the document and then save and close the document thinking this is saved to Egnyte.  Later they open the document via the WebUI and find none of their changes were saved and their work lost.

Instead of linking to the Egnyte document, the windows jumplist feature links to the temporary file located in "...\AppData\Local\EgnyteWebEdit\Temp\RPDY5M\SomeFileName.docx".  Egnyte should address this loophole.  At the very least, Egnyte should delete the temporary version of the file after it has been uploaded to prevent this from occuring.  Best case scenario is to find someway to link this to the actual Egnyte path online.

Is this something that can be addressed?

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Hi @ITPro,

Thanks for the idea. To minimize data leakage, WebEdit currently stop monitoring and mark a file for deletion after it is closed. In future release, we plan to make this process more reactive to certain users' actions so WebEdit will account for more edge cases including the one you mentioned above.




This issue can also occur when a file is opened via WebEdit, then the "Save As" command is used.  The resulting file is, by default, saved to the temporary directory, which Egnyte has marked for deletion. I realize the file can be saved elsewhere, but it is fairly easy to miss that step and your users should not be asked to manually patch this sort of shortcoming.  A SAVE command should NEVER result in a DELETE function.  What is Egnyte doing to resolve this issue?  And, is there anything built into Egnyte that would help futher safeguard my files against accidental deletion?


Hi @Flow,

If a file is opened by WebEdit, it should be saved under a unique temp folder and WebEdit will continue to "monitor" this temp folder. For most popular file types, WebEdit will be able to detect if they are still being opened. WebEdit will not mark a temp folder for deletion unless it's sure the file/application has been closed.

You are correct that the temp folder will be the default save location in "Save As" flow, so as long as users don't change the default location, WebEdit will still be able to upload the changes. If the users decide to change the save location in "Save As" flow, the changes will not be uploaded. We currently can't monitor for changes in folders outside of our own's AppData location. For more complicated use cases, please refer to the Desktop App.


I don’t think we are talking about the same thing here.  Please try these steps for yourself:

1) open an excel document using WebEdit.

2) “Save As”, rename file, but don’t redirect the file to another directory.  It is now saved in the temp directory under another name.

3) Close the file.

4) Notice that the renamed file within the temp folder is deleted when the temp folder is deleted and that it is not uploaded to Egnyte. Therefore, all changes are lost.

The issue occurs when a new file is saved to the temp folder.  Really the Save As function is the only way that is going to accidentally happen.


Hi @Flow - thanks for clarifying. We have some ideas around safeguarding users from accidental deletion like your example above but it might have to wait until we merge WebEdit functionalities with the Desktop App. I will keep this thread updated once I have any updates.

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Hello @Flow and @ITPro,

WebEdit 2.3.0 is released today with two new features, one of which will address your idea. 

  • Move unexpected files to Desktop: WebEdit will scan for unexpected files, like files that were accidentally saved into the WebEdit "temp" folder, and move them to the Desktop to prevent data loss.

We do this check on serveral ocasions like before delete temp folder, peridocally scanning,...

Please update and let us know your thoughts!