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Prevent an Editor from Creating a Folders

Prevent an Editor from Creating a Folders

We have a standard project file index, or a list of standard folders that should be used to store project data. We do not want users with Editor access, to be able to create their own folders. There should be a way to allow someone to upload files, but not create folders.

Community Manager GregNeustaetter
Community Manager
Status changed to: Considering

We can consider this in the future, but currently, we don't have any short/mid-term plans to add a new permission level that allows uploads but excludes folder creation.  I'm interested to see whether others in the community have a need for this permission level.

I agree with the need for this. I wish that I could rely on adults to exercise restraint but, that is not realistic. If there is a function, at least one person will want to try it. But, it won't be just one person. "Didn't you see in the email that we asked you not to create any folders?" "Oh, I didn't read the email. I just clicked the link." "Sigh."