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Preview-only link for audio and video files

Preview-only link for audio and video files


I would like to echo the need for preview-only links for audio and video files on Egnyte. As a VFX house, video is our primary medium, and not having the capability to restrict downloads on a video file and instead present it as preview-only is a massive detriment to us. I see this feature request happened over a year and half ago with no implementation, so is there any time table at this point? Thanks.

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Casey Lott

Would it be possible for Egnyte to add the ability to create preview-only links for audio or video files? We often need to get feedback on these files from our users, but we don't want them to be able to download the file and share it with anyone else. This seems like it would be a useful feature for any organization that produces media and doesn't want to run the risk of having a story get out there before it is finished, but needs to have people view it during the production process.

Thank you.

Retired Employee Sagar
Retired Employee

Hi Casey,

Currently, you can create a preview-only link for any file that can be previewed in the Web UI with an exception of audio, video and Google files (e.g. Docs, Sheets, etc).

This feature request has already been noted by the Product Team. I can see a ticket filed by them for an enhancement. Unfortunately, I do not have any ETA on when this will be introduced. 

This will be announced on our announcement page when we are ready to release it.

I thank you for your time and suggestion.




Community Manager GregNeustaetter
Community Manager
Status changed to: Accepted

@Rob Gestone - our team is actively working on a project to improve video preview which will introduce both video transcoding and streaming.  This is a prerequisite for us to deliver this feature for video since our current video preview is just playing the raw video file in the browser.  We could hide a download button, but it would be trivial for a user to download the raw content.

We have an active beta for video transcoding right now - let us know if you'd like to participate.

Once we have this video streaming then we can enhance the preview-only links to include support for video files.

David Babin

@GregNeustaetter :

As you mentioned, wouldn't it be faster and easier to simply "hide" or not show the download button? All we are asking is for our customers, partners etc... to be able to view the video (which is possible for MP4s under 500MB) without seeing / knowing they have the ability to download it. If the download button was to be hidden, no one would be able to download it, right?


Kim Isaksen1

I agree with @Rob Gestone, hiding the downloadbutton would be an acceptable quick fix as we wait on a secure functionality, even if downloading still would be trivial. Our client dont really try to infringe the material, but when sending a link with a big blue download button attached its kind of like an invitation. . . 

David Babin


Could we please get an answer on this? Wouldn't it be possible to simply hide the download button. Even if downloading would be possible somehow, if a download buttong is not shown then no one could know downloading is possible, right?

As @Kim Isaksen1 said, the big blue download button can be seen as an invitation or temptation for our customers to download our private property. 

Many thanks in advance for any answer you could provide.

Community Manager GregNeustaetter
Community Manager

@David Babin - while you may be comfortable with having a download button hidden, many of our customers would not.  It would be the most basic form of security by obscurity and we cannot in good faith have a feature that says preview-only when a user can simply copy the URL from their browser and download the file.

As mentioned previously, we're rolling out video streaming and once we do that we will be able to offer this feature.

Listen Up

We're a company working in the Music Industry with the exact same issue as highlighted above. We've been using Egnyte for over two years.

The inability to send a stream-only audio file is of massive detriment to the way we work with clients.

I can see the last update to this was over six months ago. Has there been any further progress?

Many thanks


I know this topic has been suggested many times, but the topics/ideas are all stagnant.

Is there an ETA or a plan to implement the ability to share video and audio files with streaming preview only access? It is essential in my industry to have the option to provide clients with view only access to works in progress.