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Preview-only link for audio and video files

Preview-only link for audio and video files


I would like to echo the need for preview-only links for audio and video files on Egnyte. As a VFX house, video is our primary medium, and not having the capability to restrict downloads on a video file and instead present it as preview-only is a massive detriment to us. I see this feature request happened over a year and half ago with no implementation, so is there any time table at this point? Thanks.

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I'd like to add my vote to the ability to have a video played but not downloaded too please. We are looking to offer video resources to our members but do not want them to be able to download or share with non-members other than logged in through our website.

Is there any update or a delivery date for this option at all?

With the current situation restricting travel and gatherings we are looking to put a lot more content to members on the web


Hi, I too would like to have this feature implimented for Video/Audio files.