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Private folders after deleting a user

Private folders after deleting a user

I found that if I delete a user their folder goes to trash. Then you can restore from Trash and it goes into “Files from Deleted Users”.

What would be awesome is if I didn’t have to restore from Trash and it just would go straight into the “Files from Deleted Users” folder!

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Considering

This is definitely something that we've discussed with other customers and are considering adding an option to change this to be the default action when deleting a user.

When you delete a person from Google's dashboard in your organization, it asks you who inherits their documents. 







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Interesting point: how to handle privat data from a user deleted.

I would agree if the user could deside if the data can be used from other after he is not longer in the system. Private data should be considered as private...
There could be an option in user settings "private data will be purged after user is deleted" (without a chance to restore it) and if not set the data go directly into a "data from deleted user" folder.

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