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Protect issue alerts for individual users

Protect issue alerts for individual users

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We need the ability to create issue reports in Protect that are scoped to individuals.  At the moment you can only receive reports on all issues, not ones specific to an individual (or individuals). 

For example, let's say you have an employee that is leaving and you want to watch his/her download and deletion activity and receive notifications if any unusual access issues are found.  Currently the only way to monitor their activity is to look at the entire issues list and then filter on the user.

While it is possible to create reports similar to this through Egnyte's standard reporting.  It would be good to have it baked-into Protect.



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We intend to add this very capability. You will be able to add users to a watchlist. There will be separate filtering and reporting for users on the watchlist. Additionally, there will be an option to use a lower threshold for anomaly detection for users on the watchlist.

Status changed to: Accepted