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Proxy support for WebEdit

Proxy support for WebEdit

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My company uses a proxy server so even though I convinced IT to install WebEdit on my locked-down desktop (I don't have admin), it would not work while on our network.

I don't have drive yet, but I heard it supports proxy.  Why doesn't WebEdit support proxy servers?



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Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Considering

We are considering adding proxy support, but this will likely come when we incorporate WebEdit as a part of the Desktop App.  Currently WebEdit doesn't have any user interface, so there's no place for the proxy to be setup.

Status changed to: Delivered

Hi @William_in_Boston,

Proxy support was added a while back in WebEdit 2.2.7 (released on 04/29/2019). As a security precaution, we require proxy that is decrypting content uses a trusted cert on the machine. 

Additionally, like Greg has mentioned before, WebEdit has no UI so if you want to set any configuration, you need to modify/create the config.txt file inside WebEdit's root folder. Please refer to this article for more information.