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Public link view vs authenticated view

Public link view vs authenticated view


When I send out a public link, the web page it shows is a streamlined view into the linked folder. Is it possible to make this view available for the authenticated view? The authenticated/full view is far too cluttered for most of our users and the public view is perfect but not locked down enough for our use.



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We don't have the feature now but we can see if its a feature we can implement in the future.

Thank you for your feedback, its been submitted to our product team for evaluation.

This would be very useful. Also, instead of entering emails, it should the be possible to easily chose registered users from a list. 



Hi Håkan,

Thanks for the feedback.  Our 'new look' has an auto-complete for users when sending links or sharing a folder with colleagues or standard users.  We don't show a full list of all of the user accounts on the screen because many of our customers have hundreds or thousands of accounts. 


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Auto-complete works fine. Should be implemented on group basis as well :-)

Still I really miss authenticated links as it is a very common action to share paths to fileshares within a company or group.


If you need an authenticated link to a folder, you can navigate to the folder, click the 'Share' button in the top right corner, and copy the Folder link at the bottom.  This link should work for all users who have been given access to the folder.

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This idea was missed during our migration and will be updated, thanks.

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