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Publicly accessible file

Publicly accessible file

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Originally from ticket #101411.

We are trying to upload a file on a regular basis that can be publicly

accessed via a cron job. We set it up with a public link but the

developers trying to automate the grabbing of the file are telling us that

it will not work because the file reference changes every time we overwrite

the file.

Is there a way around this?



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Hi Dan,

If you send a file link and then you update the file with a new version online, the link URL will point to the latest version.  This sounds like what you're looking for - updating the file with the link staying the same.

The only time this does not occur is if you modify the send link settings.  If you click on send link and then go into Advanced Options, be sure that the link does not expire and that "Link to the Current version" is not selected. 

Also, when you upload the new file, be sure the file name is identical so the file you're linking to gets updated rather than creating a new file that will require a new link.

If the file name is identical and the link URL still does not point to the latest version properly when you update it, you can submit a helpdesk ticket or write to

Best, Chris