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Re: Files unlocking before data changes sync

Re: Files unlocking before data changes sync

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If Egnyte added a SyncInProgress flag to their server metadata, as well as the client side code to keep the file locked when this flag is set to true, this would prevent this from happening in the future.


Community Manager JulieMullins
Community Manager

This relates to a post in the Sharing and Collaboration board found here:

Retired Employee vikramjayaraman
Retired Employee

Hi @Brian Beaton , Thanks for your suggestion. It is a great idea and we can consider implementation of something similar after weighing the pro/con's of the proposed solution. One issue that I can think off is that if both the users are in the same office and are connected to the Turbo device they will still not be able to access the latest version until the file syncs to the cloud and gets unlocked. Also how this will play out in deployments that have multiple Turbo devices deployed is something we need to think through.

Retired Employee vikramjayaraman
Retired Employee
Status changed to: Considering
Brian Beaton

I am just repromoting this suggestion.

Regarding your Turbo comment, if the idea is to ensure that people believe the file is locked while it is uploading with the desktop client/server approach, it seems that the same approach should hold true for the turbo server as well.

It should get the same SyncProgress flag code that the client machines do to ensure that only the most current version gets opened when the file lock releases.