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Re: Help Improve Egnyte Products

Re: Help Improve Egnyte Products

Hi Cassie,

We conduct inspections of machines which we will store 200 photos per inspection.  these are seperated in folders depending on the location of the machine.  We also have to view multiple drawings for clients (I have folders with 50 drawings in them) and of the main frustrations of using egnyte is the slow thumbnail view in windows explorer (to the point I wouldn't recommend it as a product).  As the thumbnails are not cached (I used the Egnyte Connect App on windows 10) the image previews are extremely slow.  If I navigate to a folder with multiple photos (around 50 off 1 to 2MB file) each the thumbnails take around 2 secs to display everytime I navigate to the folder. Very frustrating if I navigate up and down a folder tree trying to find a photo.  Offline files is slightly faster (around 0.5sec per thumbnail) but I don't have the disk space to synch 500GB of data.  This is extremely frustrating.  I know using the webpage viewer is slightly faster but that interupts my workflow (and usually where I go to improve the speed) Why can't the thumbnails be synched?  If they can't be synched why can't the thumbnails be locally cached on my machine even if it is only for a couple of hours?

This is the most frustrating thing to wait for. Other people may not see the delay as their internet speed to your server may be faster (we are in Australia and the connection to the USA is not that fast!! and out of my control). We use storage synch in the main office which allows some improvement but home office does not have that benefit. 

As I said this is the most frustrating item and is the main item that prevents me from recommending the product to prospective new users. 

Any improvement would be great.


Lucas Malina

I am also struggling with the exact same issue.

Is there something that can be done?

The same issue exists even when the files are sync'd for offline access.  A folder of 140 files each file 300-400 kB takes 1 minute 5 seconds to load all the thumbails. Until the thumbs are loaded browsing through the files using the standard Windows photo viewer are extremely laggy or it will simply hang until thumbs have loaded in the background.

How do any multimedia users possibly work with this?

Retired Employee Sagar
Retired Employee


Thank you for writing to us. We will have our Product Team take a look at this for sure. Also if you see any performance issues, also make sure to file a support case. It becomes easier to track such issues on a daily basis. 


Employee Tri Hoang
Status changed to: Considering

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the feedback.

  1. When Windows Explorer communicates with Egnyte Connect App, it does not differentiate between thumbnail vs file requests. As the result, the Connect App will download the entire image file for every thumbnail generated by Explorer. We will look into improving this communication as newer version of Windows get released.

  2. We did cache all recently downloaded files, but there is a count and size limit of 200 files and 2 GB, whichever comes first. It seems like you have a lot of sizable files per folder and that would flush the cache out more frequent than we would normally anticiapted. Unfortunately, cache settings are not currently configurable by the users. We would definitely consider allowing users to set their own cache limit from our Connect App UI. 

Let me know if you have any futher questions/comments!



Allowing the users to set their own cache would be a great improvement!


Is there any update on this?

I am struggling with this too.

Yes, please post if anybody has a solution to make photo preview icons appear any quicker. This is a huge detriment to the way we work and use Egnyte. Thank you.
Employee Tri Hoang
Status changed to: Delivered

Since Desktop App 3.2.0, we've made significant improvements with thumbnail performance on Windows. Please download the latest Desktop App here or from your Applications page and let us know what you think!