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Re: SFTP Server

Re: SFTP Server

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I agree that it would be great to have support for SFTP.

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I am getting tired of the "We currently only support "this" but not "this and this" in which all are standard technologies throughout. We use Egnyte for our primary storage and integrate as many technologies as possible. But when half our needs require SFTP and those companies also only offer one solution we are always forced to look elsewhere. I now have a handful of major issues that need SFTP and instead of quickly solving for tasks I have to spend hours building alternatives.

Egnyte- If your going to do something about this then get it done soon. Otherwise I'll start looking to move solutions and take our $1200 a month elsewhere. I'm over it.  


Retired Employee JulieMullins
Retired Employee

@Marco Tassara1 Thanks for your feedback and I definitely hear your concerns. We understand obstacles that you face without having support for SFTP. This is definitely a high priority (2018) for our engineering teams and the project is currently in development.

In the meantime, have you looked into the cloud migration manager or FTPS for your migration options? If not, here is a link on the cloud migration manager that might help:


- Julie

Retired Employee JulieMullins
Retired Employee
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This is currently in development.

Employee Amrit Jassal

@Marco Tassara1 : As @JulieMullins noted, support for SFTP is under development - adding to our existing support for FTP(S), HTTPS, SMB, and WebDAV protocols. We are wrapping up load testing of different implementation options and planning to go GA in Q4 of this year.

We plan to add all the major filesystem commands of SFTP, which should allow application such as Ring Central Archiver to upload into Egnyte. We will probably exclude commands for symlink creation, file attribute manipulation, and remote execution.

As SFTP is a fairly complex protocol that is deeply ingrained in various automation workflows, I continue to have discussions with our customers who have expressed an interest in this protocol. This is to ensure we support the correct set of features from the get go.

It would be great if I can have a quick chat with you around your requirements in the same vein. Let me know.

- Amrit Jassal, CTO

Glad this is being picked up.

For another use case to consider, I currently use UpdraftPlus ( to backup Wordpress installs to Egnyte. Really want to have SFTP here. It would be great to support the necessary feature set there. I'm sure thats fine without symlinks and execution.

Employee Vitaly

Thanks for the feedback, Matthew, we will look into this as well. 

Most probably, initially it will be just password-based authentication for SFTP users, but it seems that UpdraftPlus has this option as well.

Yeah thay have password protection. I've been able to backup with UpdraftPlus over FTP with explicit ssl but when I click on their "test connection" button in settings it fails with the following message. I haven't worred about it because I can still backup just fine.

FTP settings test result: Error: Failed FTP upload: 451

Failure: we successfully logged in, but were not able to create a file in the given directory. This is sometimes caused by a firewall - try turning off SSl in the expert settings, and testing again.

Employee Vitaly

Got it. Thanks for checking

Employee Vitaly

Hi, @Marco Tassara1. Before the GA (in Q4) this year we will have a beta program for SFTP feature. Would you like to participate?

Normally I would say yes but I am unable to allocate any resources until next year.