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Rebuild Egnyte Connect Reports

Rebuild Egnyte Connect Reports

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Reporting in Connect is not where it should be.. this requires enhancement 

Cannot report on the simplest of things, example - all files and folders and size within folder child folders

Growth of folders over period


Having to use 3rd party tools like treesize pro to achieve what should be day to day common reporting, not great

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Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Accepted

@Dave Nish - we are working on new reports, particularly focusing on letting you export detailed data and folder size-related information.  Some things like exporting all the files or folders in a domain are trickier than they may seem since we have customers with millions of folders and tens or hundreds of millions of files.


 thanks for the update.. 

Yeah the main reason we need it is around providing external collaborators and index file of all files and folders within a sub folder and data within that tree..