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Receive folder notifications depending on the user

Receive folder notifications depending on the user

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Hello Community


I am having a problem with email notifications: We have a folder that has content uploaded by an single individual that I need to be notified of when content is uploaded.  However, anytime anyone else does anything in the folder (there are multiple users that have access to and utilize the files in this folder), I receive unnessary notifications.  I get a blizzard of emails and have to sort through them to see if anyone of them pertain to the single uploading user.  Any way to receive notifications based on the user that has performed a folder action.  Or receive notification only if something is added?



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Thanks for submitting the idea. One of the options that can be controlled for each folder is to turn off/on notifications for particular actions:

- added, updated or removed

- downloaded or previewed

It might not solve your problem entirely but reduce the number of notifications for a particular folder so that you will receive only those that you are interested in. 

One short term idea that I can think of as well is to configure the mailbox to filter out unnecessary e-mails. 

We do not have any plans yet to configure the folder notifications per each action or a user but please make sure to "kudo" the idea. For sure, we will monitor it.