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Recipient-only links without passwords

Recipient-only links without passwords

Sharepoint has a nice, recently-added functionality that allows you to share links to files or folders with recipients who do not need to be registered/credentialled users and who do not otherwise need a password to access the link, but the link is still restricted to that recipient.

They do this via a simple one-time token code sent to the recipient's email address each time they try to access the file.  This functionally is almost identical to a traditional password reset loop for your average web-application, and hence is at least as secure as that (ie assumes emails are not intercepted, and are accessible by the recipient only - both being reasonable real-world assumptions), and very simple to implement.

This is useful functionality when sharing with arms-length third parties who you don't want to trouble with creating and storing yet another set of login/password details - eg your customers.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Considering

This is definitely an interesting idea - we'd love to hear more from others in the community to see what level of interest we have in this type of functionality.


Seeking to eliminate traditional email file attachment practice - link without password is needed.