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Redtail Technology CRM integration

Redtail Technology CRM integration

Would love to see Egnyte partner and integrate with Redtail Technology ( Redtail is a large CRM technology provide to the investment / financial advisory industry. They integrate with multiple document management providers easily. Would love to see an integration with them. Would certainly provide additional exposure to Egnyte.

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Retired Employee
Retired Employee

Hi Jeff,

Customer feedback is the most important factor we consider when deciding where to invest our resources. Thanks for the integration idea!

I'm happy to share that we are exploring a variety of integrations in the Financial Services industry and we've already had early discussions with Redtail and are exploring the best way to proceed. Please make sure you share this demand with your Redtail representative as well.

In the meantime, would you mind sharing (i) how you'd like to use the applications together and (ii) the value that it would bring to you and your team?

Finally, are there other integrations besides Redtail that would useful to your and your company?


Tom Bingham
Ecosystem Team

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Considering