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Remove arbitrary file size number limits on syncing

Remove arbitrary file size number limits on syncing

It is my understanding that there are currently 3 arbitrary limits on which files will sync: 

  1. Only the first 5000 items in a folder will sync.
  2. Only files smaller then 5 GB will sync.
  3. Only 600 subdirectories will sync.

Limits 1 and 2 are currently causing significant problems for our company and I'm sure that it is only a matter of time before 3 becomes a problem as well. We would like to store more of our data on Egnyte backed local servers but these limits are making it difficult to do that and, if not addressed, may ultimately force us to look for another service. 

 Limit 1 is a problem because some of the software we use creates automanaged project directories that may contain tens of thousands of files. Because these directories are automanaged we can't restructure them into subfolders without breaking the associated project. Number 2 is a problem as we are a media company and routinely work with files and archives larger then 5 GB.

 These limits are not intrinsic to any modern filesystem or transport protocol, that I am aware, of so I would like to see them removed. I know that Egnyte has been working on their backend infrastructure and I was told by support that the 5000 file limit is on the development roadmap for May 2012 so I'm hopeful that these issues will be addressed. Hopefully, other users who are, or expect to be, impacted by these limits will comment on this issue as well.


Matt Maggio

Yes this is also a problem for me.  We are new to egynte and one of the big reasons I fought to get this service is that I had planned to use it to store online our SQL backup files (32 GB) and then be able to dedupe the delta's.  Now after buying the ReadyNAS and signing up for the egnyte enterprise service, I'm now told that egnyte will not sync files larger than 5 GB.  This is very disappointing.

Matt Squires

Agreed.  This was not disclosed well for people shopping your service.  Added to that, the FTP timeout is a bear.  While resume has been enabled, it requires more action on my part.  I have enough to worry about without having to track down which uploads failed to transfer to the cloud.  This is a basic function of the service, and smaller files do well.  We work in a world of larger files, however.  If I wanted smaller files, I'd use Dropbox.


Hi Matt,

We are continuing to enhance Local Cloud sync to allow larger files in the future as well as exploring the FTP timeout you're experiencing.  Please review this post on maximum file sizes for further information on the topic:{}

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Retired Employee
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Marking as delivered since these limitations were lifted many years ago