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Reports for power users

Reports for power users

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At our company, we would find it very useful for power users to see reports as well, so not only the admin.


Hi Jan, A power user is currently able to look at files to see who has downloaded them or updated them.  For other reports, we're focused on keeping  them as an admin function pertaining to managing the system.   Can you describe what reports you'd like power users to have access to as well as the purpose you're aiming to achieve with the report access?

Thanks! Chris

Well, we are allowing our power users to create and delete folders and users and assign permissions. So it would be very useful for all of the power users to get access to the User Permission Report.


Thanks Jan,

We're looking to modify our existing admin structure to provide different levels of administrative controls.  The overall changes are still being discussed, but they may assist your situation.

Best, Chris

Retired Employee
Retired Employee

Hi Jan,

As part of this weekend's release, we are expanding our role based administration feature to allow the delegation of reporting privileges. You will be able to control whether users with this privilege can run reports for all files and folders or only for those which they have access to.

You can learn more about our role-based administration feature here:

Thanks for your patience!


Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Delivered

this is available via user roles