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Request: Drive Mapping for All Users

Request: Drive Mapping for All Users

Originally from ticket #110624.

It would be very useful, save time and integrate more if all users could map a drive to the egnyte shared folder. We are using egnyte as our main file repository and to require users to login through the web is extra time consuming. Your soon to be released drag and drop will definitely help make things faster once on the web but it would be much more integrated and quick if users could drag and drop using the explorer window.

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Retired Employee Trey Howard1
Retired Employee

Hello Danny,

As you are probably aware, Power Users are able to download the Personal Local Cloud and Map Drive features which allow them to map drives to their desktops. We don't offer these features to Standard Users because we've designed the SU to be a lightweight role suitable for business partners, clients, etc. who only need to check in and view or edit a handful of documents. If you have employees on Standard User plans who are doing a lot of uploading, I might suggest that you look into making some of them Power Users.

Thank you for your product suggestion and for your business.

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