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Request a file - landing pages with Share name vs. individual name

Request a file - landing pages with Share name vs. individual name

We have departments that wish to share a persistent "upload files here" on their public web pages; however, the individual userID and First/Last is displaying on the subsequent landing pages is problematic -- and potentially confusing for departmental use.  ie.  Who is Bob Smith? -- I'm submitting my materials to the Admissions Department?  -- Bob Smith works for the Admissions Department, but isn't necessarily the public facing entity that should be associated with links intended for a generic audience.

Being able to have the folder name displayed would be a good option.  Better yet would be the ability to customize the landing page(s).  Generating a "generic" account would be a non-starter for auditing and reporting purposes.

Community Manager GregNeustaetter
Community Manager
Status changed to: Considering

Thanks for the feedback.  I hope to hear from others in the community to see how much interest there is for this since I haven't heard this request before from other customers.

Kim Isaksen1

+ One on this  
My case is that I´m making a workflow where our ticketsystem sends out an email with a upload link to the requester for the emploee contract to HR. But it is problamatic that the upload landingpage displays my name instead of the HR department.
I would also like to be able to have static uploadfolders for some of our clients, and ideally ,the landingpage text should be customizable so we could have something like "ClientName" deliveryfolder, or "projectnumber"- delverables.