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Restore permission inheritance to a folder

Restore permission inheritance to a folder

It would be really usefull if folders that dont inherit permissions from the parent where identifiable in the folder tree. It would be helpfull to have an overview of how permissions will effect the tree structure when you are making changes.


I think I like this, I wonder, though, how would it be shown? I use permissions where some sub-folders have inherited permissions inside of top-level permissions that are unique and different based on content. If you had a folder that was gray, instead of yellow, to indicated the permissions were different, how do you then show different permissions in sub-folders beyond that? I'm not saying you should know this but, it might not be something an engineer would think of. Operationally, I play devil's advocate to be ahead of problems.

I havent really thought about the execution here, but my problem is often this. An individual should have access to some, but not all subfolders in a directory, if I give him permission on the top level, I have to check every subfolder to see if there are inheriting folders giving him access he shouldnt have, and vice verca. Sometimes the folder does not inherit, and you havent providet the access you think you have.

Marking the folders that do not inherit their parents would give the operator a quick overview of the folders that may need additional attention. 

The ability to choose multiple folders with checkmark would also maybe solve the problem. I dont really care who else has access to a folder when my task is to add a person or group to multiple folders, so I dont need the complete managed folders permission window. Instead you should keep the "managed folder permissions" option in the the "multiple select action tray" ( Does it have a name? ) , and allow to add permissions/users/groups to multiple folders simultaniously. 

Also move "Managed folder permissions" out of "share" and give it its own menu including the direct link, which is related funtionality.
The "share" concept and "permit" consept should not be mixed. Users dont generally "get" the difference, and the grouping as it is now doesnt help ;) 

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Considering

Thanks for the feedback - in the past we've experimented with different colored folders for different states and in general it wasn't very successful because even with tooltips, users didn't understand and wanted the same colors in every client (e.g. desktop, FTP, etc. where it isn't possible).  

That said, we can look at how to make it more apparent when someone is getting a permission that they will not be getting access to everything based on either more specific / lower-level permissions or based on non-inheritance.


I totally agree with this point. The granular permission feature is one of the key features which our organization is using, and adding better control over it would be of great support.