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Send permission changes to ELC instantly

Send permission changes to ELC instantly

There needs to be a way to send permission changes to the ELC instantly.

For example, if there are a lot of files being synced from the ELC to the cloud server, a sync can take hours. If I need to grant a user access to a folder during that time, I have to wait until the sync in progress completes before the permissions will be set on the ELC, which can be very inconvenient.

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Emily Ganz1

Hi Gareth,

Thank you for the suggestion! Currently, you need to set user permissions first before running a sync. Every sync process checks permissions first before syncing document changes. However, if you set permissions after data starts syncing then you do have to wait until the sync finishes. Please let me know if you have any further questions.


Gareth Jones

Thanks Emily. Please ask the team to consider adding this functionaility. Sometimes users need access to folders quickly, and it's very frustrating having to wait for the sync to finish, particulary as a sync can sometimes take several hours.


Emily Ganz1

Hi Gareth,

I will speak with our Products team and keep you updated. Thank you and let me know if you have any questions.



Global Admin

Hi Emily

I'm not sure the information you gave is correct - if I change permissions, then do a sync, the permissions are only set after all the uploading and downloading is complete.


Community Manager Don David
Community Manager

Hi Gareth, 

If you stop the sync then start it again, it will apply the new folder permissions that you have set first. The order is as follows and is true for every sync.

workgroup, permissions, data, permissions

So if you have a huge file upload or download, but require the permissions to drop down first, then simply stop the sync and start it again.

I am having the same trouble.  We are in the process of migrating our data to a new NAS and I have shipped a copy of our data to Egnyte on external disk in order to allow them to feed this into the cloud prior to first synch with this device.  However, I would like to give my users permissions to access the new folders before the initial synch takes place, which could be a couple of weeks. 

How exactly do I stop the synch with the cloud before data transfer occurs?  I thought this was impossible to stop?



I'd also like to know how to stop the sync.

We are in the process for developing a feature to pause and restart the sync from Settings page UI. Currently the only way to stop the sync is via command line tool. Click here to access the Helpdesk article describing about stopping the service.



This is the way i do everytime when access permission is added/modified/deleted in an urgent manner. As a result, it causes the ReadyNAS become inaccessible to users and i have to restart the ReadyNAS then only synchronization can be initiated.

Perhaps, egnyte team can develop a mechanism/service in such a way that Permission sync and File sync is separated, and Permission sync would have higher priority when both take place at the same time. Or, we as the end user can interact with UI so that we can pause File sync and execute Permission sync.

Retired Employee Trey Howard1
Retired Employee

@Egnyte Administrator:

Apologies for the delayed response; I checked with the Product Manager for our Local Cloud products and this is something that we support in the latest version of our software. I have created a support ticket for someone to contact you to get it set up; they will reach out to you shortly.

Thanks for your patience and for choosing Egnyte,