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Setup Folder Notifications on behalf of Standard Users

Setup Folder Notifications on behalf of Standard Users

ShareFile gives us the ability to enable folder notifications for external accounts that we create. That way, we can ensure that when new documents are added, the external party will be triggered by the notification to go look at the document(s). This has been very helpful and an intergral part of our workflow. With Egnyte, each person only has the ability to set their own notifications and thus we will not be able to do so for our standard users.

Would you consider implementing a feature that at a minimum, will allow Power users (with the ability to create Standard Users) to enable folder notifications for the Standard user at the time they are creating the account?

Furthermore, at an even higher level, it would be helpful to make it more visible and easier to enable notifications on specific folders. Currently, it's not intuitive to go to More > Folders Options and then Options. 

Thank you!

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Community Manager GregNeustaetter
Community Manager
Status changed to: New

Thanks for your feedback, @Shanelle Gibbon

I haven't heard this request before, so I'm hoping to hear feedback from others in the community on whether they have a need for this feature.


I agree with would be very helpful.

Marc Kravitz


I agree with Shanelle as well! This could be very beneficial as I wouldn't trust the Standard Users to be aware enough to set this up themselves.

Community Manager GregNeustaetter
Community Manager
Status changed to: Delivered

While we don't offer it on a per-user basis, Egnyte does have a way to set the default folder notification behavior for standard users.  In Configuration -> User Types & Roles, under Standard Users there is an option to set the default behavior.  You could set this to notify users on new files once a day with the option for them to override the settings.  This would give the Standard Users the option to turn off the notifications if they don't want them.

That is excellent, a great start! Thank you!

Now can we take it one step further? It would be great if we can go to the user's profile and set their notification options to "choosen folders".  Then have the ability to go to select folders on behalf of that standard user to turn on the folder option for receiving notifications when files are added, updated or removed.

There may be situations where a standard user has access to several folders but only needs to be notified on certain ones.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

Thank you!