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Shared Folder Notification Emails -- Change of Frequency

Shared Folder Notification Emails -- Change of Frequency

Instead of getting Shared Folder notifications every time something is updated, can we get a setting that only sends a summary once a week? This would avoid email fatigue and make it more likely that our users read it.

Thanks for you help!



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Retired Employee
Retired Employee

Hi David, 

If you log on to your account, please select the "Account Settings" tab in the upper right hand corner. Then select the "Personal Settings" tab. Here, the second category is "Shared Folder Notifications" where you can set your notifications to receive them on a weekly basis. 

Thank you and please let me know if you have any questions.



The "Shared Folder Notifications" options only go up to 24hours.  Do you plan on adding a weekly option?

Retired Employee
Retired Employee

Hello Alexander,

We're not planning on implementing that feature in the near-term, but it is a good idea and it's on the roadmap.

Thanks for your suggestion,


Status changed to: Considering

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