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Shortcuts Alias to file or folder locations in a different location folder

Shortcuts Alias to file or folder locations in a different location folder


We frequently have documents that are used by multiple groups. Because the groups generally stay in their group folders they often don't think to look for files and folders outside their group folder. For documents that apply to multiple groups it would be fantastic if we could create a shortcut in one folder that would point to files or folders in another location, similar to Windows and Mac shortcut or alias files.

I would imagine this function being added to the move/copy command, adding an option to create and alias in the new location instead of the move or copy.




who is able to help me?




Retired Employee
Retired Employee

Hi Benedicte,

I am not sure how the behavior would be once the shortut is renamed. I will have to test this on my end and get back to you. 



hello Sagar


have you find a solution?





Retired Employee
Retired Employee

Hi Benedicte,

I was not able to reproduce the issue completely. Can you pas me the steps you use to create the http links to your folders ? There is nothing locally on the Desktop Sync that I could except for the Share Folder Link from the Desktop Sync. 

If you could give me a bit more clarity on this I should have you the results in a day. 



hello Sagar,

so in my egnyte folder I have the structure as follow:

egnyte/private/ : in this folder there are all privated folder of users (one per power admin)

egnyte/shared: the issue is in this folder.

on folder shared there are :






and from another application, links of some folders are indicated using this path:

so If I decide to rename project-tata to newfolderproject, the link is broken.....

my question is : is it possible to have an alias to forward all to

hope it is more clear.



Ability to link to an alias is necessary for graphic design and pro audio or video editing. 

Here's a scenario: We operate 5 separate seniors' homes. Each has their own name and identity, but they all operate under a single brand.  We need to be able to use a single graphic file for the logo on all published materials for each site.  If our logo changes, we simply need to change that one file and it'll update for each publication.  Without aliases, we have the change the file for each publication. There could be hundreds (between brochures, menus, pamphlets, forms, etc.).



Bump! Highly useful, as no two minds work the same. We give our department heads their own folders and turn them loose with a few simple compliance guidelines surrounding permissions. Policies, workflows, etc. that departments develop and manage should be able to be accessed at a corporate level as well ...within a corporate, shared folder structure that is tightly controlled. Versioning becomes an issue if you have to copy files and not link to them via an alias/shortcut/bookmark.


I'd like to vote for this as well. Highly useful feature that I wish Egnyte had. 




I Have the same need for online shortcuts in my company. We otherwise need to duplicate multiple times the data required and it is then never up-to-date and lead to confusion...


Any update on the topic ?




I will add my vote that online shortcuts is a needed feature. Otherwise files need to be duplicated, which make keeping all copies updated almost impossible. Duplicating files is inefficient and updating multiple copies of files is a poor use of my team's time.