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Shortcuts Alias to file or folder locations in a different location folder

Shortcuts Alias to file or folder locations in a different location folder


We frequently have documents that are used by multiple groups. Because the groups generally stay in their group folders they often don't think to look for files and folders outside their group folder. For documents that apply to multiple groups it would be fantastic if we could create a shortcut in one folder that would point to files or folders in another location, similar to Windows and Mac shortcut or alias files.

I would imagine this function being added to the move/copy command, adding an option to create and alias in the new location instead of the move or copy.


Kelly Herbert

I third/fourth/fifth this need. I use the desktop drive and am able to make shortcuts that work for myself, but if a coworker attempts to open my shortcuts, it doesn't work. As mentioned above, it is very inefficient to attempt to keep multiple copies of the same document (necessary due to different permission levels) updated rather than using shortcuts like the native Windows file explorer.


HI there, was this feature ever enabled or is there a solution that has been implimented for what John and Han requested?



Community Manager GregNeustaetter
Community Manager

No, this is not something that has been implemented in the product yet. We're investigating what it would take to add this - search and permissions are a bit tricky with something like this, as are various sharing capabilities.


Bumping this for another request for this feature. I have an Asset Management database in Access and I'd love to create a shortcut to it in our "Onboarding" folder as well as my "Hardware/Software" folder.


Hello, I'm looking for a solution in order to be able to create shortcut from files in a Egnyte folder that I can copy to another folder. So, I can send to someone a link to this folder. So, I don't have multiple copy of the original file and I must not send multiple link if there are several files to share. I've tried to create a shortcut on Desktop to the Egnyte file. It works and I can copy it to another folder. But when I try to open/download it, I got a file with an added "download" extension (ex : If I remove ".dowload", it works but I cannot request my supplier or customer to do the same. It should work out-of-the-box. Any suggestion ? Thanks.

The link capability would also ensure that everyone is working from the same file which should be the current version. The linked files should also automatically get updated when the initial file is updated.
Veronica Santia

I'm throwing in my vote for this feature as well. It is seriously needed.


Our group would also find this very helpful please add it to your short term roadmap.


This would be fantastic in our organisation!

We have a single file inside a single folder to ensure revision control, then all documents/folders are hyperlinked back to that single folder for ease of access and simplicity of ensuring only one copy of the file exists, and updating it there updates it everywhere.


We can do it on the desktop app which is fantastic, however it's not available on the iPad.


To prevent version confusion, I want to be able to put a link in a folder that links to another folder with a current version of the document. That way, if I'm using the document for multiple programs, I don't have to individually sort through each location when I update the file. I can just fix it in the source folder and all of the links in the other folders would lead to the most current version.