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Shortcuts Alias to file or folder locations in a different location folder

Shortcuts Alias to file or folder locations in a different location folder


We frequently have documents that are used by multiple groups. Because the groups generally stay in their group folders they often don't think to look for files and folders outside their group folder. For documents that apply to multiple groups it would be fantastic if we could create a shortcut in one folder that would point to files or folders in another location, similar to Windows and Mac shortcut or alias files.

I would imagine this function being added to the move/copy command, adding an option to create and alias in the new location instead of the move or copy.


Retired Employee Sagar
Retired Employee

Hello @milong,

Thank you for your vote. We still have not been able to make way for this feature. However, your vote is counted and your feedback directly reaches our Product Team.


Community Manager GregNeustaetter
Community Manager
Status changed to: Considering

Add another vote to get shortcuts into the online version as well!


Dan Meyer

I'm not sure if it is possible. But if it’s not, it would be wonderful to be able to add (not copy) a file or a folder to several different folders. Just like it is possible in Google Drive:

We are a real estate development company, and we are always struggling whether to store any document in the building/floor/room it refers to, in the specific supplier who did it, the year/month/day it was done, the type of construction work it is (carpeting/carpenting/bathrooms/flooring), or the subject it covers (security/ structure/insurance/access), etc...

Tagging is another option, but the beauty of folder structures is that they are organized and hierarchical.

Having that ability for both documents and file would be amazing as a whole building could belong to the city it is in and the client who ordered it…

Obviously without having to create aliases that are such a pain to manage.

To manage theses multiple belonging, there should be a way to see easyly all other places a file or folder belongs to.


Another vote here - we would like to be able to store our invoices and expenses within a finance folder, and also share the same files to our client related folder structure so that the account managers can access the costs and revenue by project

I imagine the slow progress with this really useful feature would be working out the requirements with regard to permissions inheritance - if a file is contained within one folder, with it's permissions inherited, and the file is shared to 10 other locations, each with different permissions, it could be a challenge to make the permissions management easy to update and maintain.  However, if it is simple to navigate back to the original file, and view all shared locations from that file, it should be possible for an administrator to manage.

If you have access to the original file, should you be able to share to a location that you don't have access to?

Should a user to can view the view the shortcut file be able to edit it, or delete it, if they don't have permission to view the original file?

Should it be possible to share folders?  If so would it be possible for a user to add files into a shared folder?

Amy Bunn

Another vote here! 

I'd like to vote for this as well!

Retired Employee Sagar
Retired Employee

Thank you @Amy Bunn & @Rachel Blanchar for your votes. The Product Team is considering this feature. 



+1 for this feature!