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Shortcuts Alias to file or folder locations in a different location folder

Shortcuts Alias to file or folder locations in a different location folder


We frequently have documents that are used by multiple groups. Because the groups generally stay in their group folders they often don't think to look for files and folders outside their group folder. For documents that apply to multiple groups it would be fantastic if we could create a shortcut in one folder that would point to files or folders in another location, similar to Windows and Mac shortcut or alias files.

I would imagine this function being added to the move/copy command, adding an option to create and alias in the new location instead of the move or copy.



Any further updates regarding this?

Our organization would desparately like this feature as well - creating shortcuts within the Windows drive doesn't always work when viewed from another computer so a solution via the WebUI would greatly be appreciated!



Hello @GregNeustaetter

This feature request thread is approaching 9 years in the making.  It is ranked #2 in Top Ideas and references industry standard functionality that is clearly missing from Egnyte's product feature set.

As Egnyte's representative, your last real comments on the subject matter are almost 2 years old.

An informative progress update other than a status flag of "Considering" is really warranted here.

Please be respectful of your paying customers who have a need to know if Egnyte is taking this sorely needed feature request seriously or not.

Thank you.