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Show the Folder Size (File number or data size)

Show the Folder Size (File number or data size)

When using the web interface, it would be helpful to see the sizes of folders, not just files. I am doing a lot of file movement to/from our network drive, and typically a few files are not successfully moved. I would like to be able to see the folder size so I can confirm that everything made it over. This is a feature of Box, and it is frustrating that it is not a feature in Egnyte. Even just the number of files in each folder without any additional steps would be great. 


One of the missing things that I would like to see is when viewing the overall file/folder structure, being able to see a folder size and the number of files within a specific folder. Right now there are not any folder details being made available at all when doing a general view of all folders on the web interface. 



Retired Employee
Retired Employee

Hi Stephen,

Thank you for the suggestion. I will pass it to our Products team and I will keep you updated. Thank you!



Michael, I have wished on several occasions that Egnyte included this feature as well. It would be nice if it appeared as another column in the Web UI, but it would also be helpful if the amount of files/folders and their total size were displayed on the "details" screen for the selected folder. The details screen does display the amount of items contained within a folder, but doesn't give a total file size.


Currently the only quick way to get the size of a folder is to go to Reports->Folder Size.

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Thank you for sending in your thoughts. I will check with the Product Team to see if there are any plans to introduce this. I will write here once I have an update.



I agree this really would be useful to see the folder sizes. More of our users are now tending to use the browser view and have commented on this as well.


There's a column where you can see the size, in MB/GB of various files, why can't the same approach for actual folders be taken? (to indicate the total size of files underneath it)

This would help save time as I would be able to see which folders have a file size and which are empty very quickly without having to click in and out.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Accepted

In a distributed file system with different users all with different permissions, this is challenging since the size of a folder for you may be different than the size of that same folder for a colleague who doesn't have access to some of the subfolders.

While we don't have a plan to add a size column in the regular listing, we do have a plan to add the folder size, item count, etc. to the folder options dialog (similar to what Windows Explorer and Mac Finder do).

Marking as Accepted for the folder options aspect of this


I absoultely agree this is a feature that should be added. Honestly both File Number and Folder size should be options like in ShareFile or Box.


Hey Sagar

Was wondering why this was marked as solved? Wondering if there is any updates on this feature.

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Retired Employee

Hi Marc,

Sorry about that. I have asked the community manager to look at this. This thread was not solved/closed by me manually.